Welcome to iGrow

We are pleased to announce that iGrow software is now installed in 8 Hospitals and Community Trusts throughout the UK and a further trusts are in active talks to implement over the next few weeks. iGrow has been linked to each of the 8 participating Trusts’ Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, resulting in the provision of seamless plotting on to the Standard Growth Charts.

We are pleased to announce that recent development of the software means that Z scores (SDS) plotting is now available for those Trusts who have a need for a Specialist Growth Clinic.

iGrow is the only system that utilises the UK data behind the chart to plot, this means it is far more accurate than using an X-Y axis and an image overlay.

iGrow will continue to be developed to satisfy the needs of our client base as more Trusts utilise the latest system in electronic growth plotting in the UK.

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